My Expertise

What can I do for you? While I feel comfortable in many aspects of DAM, my specialties are…

Metadata, Taxonomies, & Search

As your DAM Manager, I’ll help you make everything in your DAM findable by creating set of relevant keywords or metadata taxonomies. Using my extensive knowledge of search features, I can also help you make sure that your system functions as well as possible.

Digital Rights Management  

Don’t let copyright information get lost in your downstream workflows! Let me help you turn your DAM into a system that helps protect you against copyright or contract infringement.

User Adoption & Change Management

Change is inevitable, but can be hard for users to accept. Don’t let your investment go to waste and let me help you combination of communication techniques and training to get users excited about the system.

Honesty, Professionalism & Positivity

Courtesy of my New England roots, I promise to always be completely direct and transparent about my thoughts, intentions, and expertise. And courtesy of myself, I can also promise that I’ll approach communications with my unique style of professionalism and positivity.

DAM: That’s cool

What is DAM?


Every day, we use and see countless types of digital assets on our phones, tablets, or computers. These assets can bring many opportunities to organizations, but can also bring challenges.

How do we keep track of, organize, and add value to our assets?

How can we be sure that the right assets are being correctly delivered to audiences on all devices?

While broad in scope, DAM most generally deals with the question of how organizations can manage all of their digital assets. 

About me

How does an actress turned politico turned travel blogger, finally end up in DAM? 

This is my story.

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