about me

My Story

Born in New England to two business people who met at an art museum, I’d always sought a career in a field that allowed me to be both technical and artistic.

In the beginning, I pursued my interests through arts and theatre as well as political communications. However, upon graduating college, I didn’t feel as if either field fully fulfilled both my artistic and pragmatic tendencies. Burnt out, I took a sabbatical in Paris where I paid the bills with various freelance communications positions.

It was through my freelance communications positions that I realized that I wasn’t interested how things were created, it was how they got found and interacted with the pieces around them.  

In DAM, I finally get to use all of the skills I’ve built throughout my life. While my acting background helps me empathize and communicate with users, my political experience helps me think strategically about governance and scalability.  And of course, all of the business lessons my parents taught me help me navigate elements of project planning, negotiation, and stakeholder management.

When I’m Not Working…

You can find me browsing through coffee shops, art galleries, or the latest edition of The Economist. I also love to travel, make cocktails, and smother my cat Marais with unwanted affection. 

My Mission

Outside of DAM, I am incredibly passionate about intersectional feminism. I hope to one day help other women, particularly those from disadvantaged backgrounds, start careers in technology and leadership.

I am also passionate about the humane treatment of animals.