what is dam


Manage, Add Value To, & Maintain Your Existing Files


In the late 1990s, Digital Asset Management (DAM) emerged as a way to help organizations manage the creation, “organization, production, distribution, and potential monetization of media files.” (David Lipsey). While it started primarily as a way for organizations to simply retrieve and keep track of files, it has since grown to be an integral part of the MarTech stack. With DAM, organizations can ensure that all marketing assets are not only safe, findable, and valuable, but also but reaching the correct audiences. 

DAM can help you organize your collection of photo assets for audience retrieval, automate your creative workflows, protect your rights, and significantly aid in the progress of your business goals. 

And DAM doesn’t always have to be a part of the MarTech stack. Given its broad scope, its use cases are effectively limitless. DAM can also help you organize and comply with legal documentation, assist their packaging procedures, and so much more. 

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